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Voting for the new school couincil has begun.

Voting for the new school couincil has begun. 1
Voting for the new school couincil has begun. 2
Voting for the new school couincil has begun. 3
Voting for the new school couincil has begun. 4
Voting for the new school couincil has begun. 5
Voting for the new school couincil has begun. 6
Voting for the new school couincil has begun. 7
Voting for the new school couincil has begun. 8
Voting for the new school couincil has begun. 9
Voting for the new school couincil has begun. 10
Pupil voice is very important at St Francis school. Our school councillors decided that they wanted their own display board in school to share what they are doing and to help them gather the opinions of children across school.

Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice 1
This week our School councillors have been coming up with some great ideas for our upcoming Anti Bullying week, starting on Monday 13th November. This also includes children in need day on Friday 17th November, this is when all our children in the school have the opportunity to either wear something blue (anti bullying) or something for Children in need day (bear ears, Pudsey costume or and eye bandage).

Our school councillors did a fantastic job supporting our Macmillan Coffee morning - well done!


Also this week our school councillors are encouraging children to Walk to school and are putting together a letter inviting families to join us on Sunday for our Feast Day Mass at Saint Francis Church at 11.30 am

Our Macmillan Coffee morning

Our Macmillan Coffee morning 1
Our Macmillan Coffee morning 2
Our Macmillan Coffee morning 3
Our Macmillan Coffee morning 4
Our Macmillan Coffee morning 5
Our Macmillan Coffee morning 6
Our Macmillan Coffee morning 7
Our Macmillan Coffee morning 8
Our Macmillan Coffee morning 9
Our Macmillan Coffee morning 10
Our Macmillan Coffee morning 11
Our Macmillan Coffee morning 12




Saint Francis Primary School Councillors for 2017/18


Y1 – Lena and Reggie


Y2 – Jem and Lydia


Y3 – James and Brylie


Y4 – Freddie and Emmie


Y5 – Daniel and Chioma


Y6 – Tiarni and Jonathan


The children will be in these year groups from Autumn 2016 but we will be having a training session for new school councillors after this half term holiday – Summer 2


Voting for our new school councillors

Every child in school today voted for the person they want to represent their class on our School Council. There was a lot of competition for these roles and candidates shared their manifesto’s during celebration assembly. Good luck everyone – successful candidates will be announced this Friday during assembly. Many thanks to Alex, Darcey, Hayley and Chanel for manning the ballot boxes and ensuring voting went smoothly.

We hold a school council meeting weekly in our school library. On our first meeting we voted on who would be our Chairperson, our secretary and our treasurer. Ryan was voted in as our Chairperson, Niamh our treasurer and Kayle as our secretary. We discussed how to gather pupil voice, how to prepare for our Macmillan coffee morning and we discussed the proposed puffin crossing.


This week x2 school councillors brought in the suggestions boxes they had made for their class and we have several suggestions from our classmates already which have been discussed at the meeting and action plans put in place! We have put up posters for the Macmillan coffee morning around school and at church and we have prepared a letter to go out to families. For next week our councillors are preparing a letter to encourage our grown-ups to become ‘Friends of Saint Francis’ and each set of class councillors are carrying out a pupil interview with their class on ‘How safe they feel’.


This term our school councillors will be working hard to gather the views of their classmates on ways we can further develop our wonderful school. Their first fund raising activity will be to lead and manage our Macmillan Coffee Morning which will take place on Friday the 7th of October at 9.00 a.m. in the school hall. We had a fantastic response last year from families and friends and look forward to beating last year’s target!

Our new school councillors had the opportunity to visit Nuneaton council office this week. They were given a tour of the council chambers and were invited into the mayor's office. Councillor Shepherd is our new Mayor and her and her husband talked to them about all the fantastic trophy's and memorabilia in the display cabinets. They also explained to the children about how a council meetings runs and a little of the history of our borough.

The children had a fantastic time and they were applauded for their beautiful manners during our visit - well done our new school councillors!

Our new school councillors are:

Dominic and Mailey

Imogen and Reggie

Ben and Ruby

Jessica and Kayle

Alex and Niamh

Shamiso and Ryan