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St Francis School football team reports

On Friday year 6 and year5 took part in a school football game v's Park Lane.  We were all excited, we all got ready and were set to go, we went in different cars.  It felt great to be in the football team, I never knew that I could play both games, I don't know how I did.  But then we were warming up, we were doing all sorts: gentle jogging, stretches, a little bit of shooting and some passing.  It then came to the start the game it was really good to be playing.  We had kick off and for the first five minutes we dominated Park Lane, we took over possession.  All of a sudden the ball was passed to me and my touch is good, past the defender and then I shoot, it goes in and I celebrate on my way back the score is now 1-0.  So here comes the second kick off, we play the ball past the defenders and the ball was tucked away by Lennon 2-0 to St Francis.  Straight after the next kick off Park Lane are on the attack an slot the ball in to the back of the net 2-1.  I then push up and pass the ball to Lennon for his second goal 3-1. Then came half time, Mr Murphy was really happy with our performance in the first half.  Now to see if we could hold on to the lead.  We drive up forward and Ben crosses the ball in to the box and I get hold of it and shoot, it gets saved but I manage to put the rebound in to the back of the net for my second goal 4-1.  My third goal is on its way I'm sure, Park Lane kick off again and look more determined than they did before, but from out of know where Ben broke through and scores (5-1) we all cheer.  Then my chance of scoring a hat trick is halted as I am subbed off but I had a really good game.  Jacob and Ashton come on, first touch of the ball Jacob tries to shoot but it was saved by the Park Lane keeper and goes over the bar.  The ref blows for the final whistle and he end of the match, we all shake hands and showed respect to each other.


This is a match report by Elijah Kazimirow