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Year 1

Our class assembly

Our class assembly 1
Our class assembly 2
Our class assembly 3

This week Year 1 have been focusing on real and nonsense words - we love the Obb or Bob game!


If you want to play at home here is the link:



Thank you very much for this week's homework! The Monster puppets are displayed in the classroom :)


Always working hard in year 1

Always working hard in year 1 1
Always working hard in year 1 2
Always working hard in year 1 3
Always working hard in year 1 4
Always working hard in year 1 5
Always working hard in year 1 6
Always working hard in year 1 7
Always working hard in year 1 8
Always working hard in year 1 9

We have been working extra hard in year 1 this week. The children have started looking at capacity in maths – we filled the jugs using these key words full, empty, nearly full, nearly empty, empty.

In RE, the children have been looking at what Jesus did, what he said, what he taught us and what he taught us about God Our Father. The children worked in groups to answer these questions and we put them all on our RE board.

Year 1 say:

"Jesus taught us to be kind"

"Jesus teaches us"

"Jesus taught us to pray to God"

We also created our own landmarks using the wonderful junk modelling everyone donated… Thank you very much!

Working hard again in Year 1

Working hard again in Year 1 1
Working hard again in Year 1 2
Working hard again in Year 1 3
Working hard again in Year 1 4
Working hard again in Year 1 5
Working hard again in Year 1 6
Working hard again in Year 1 7
Working hard again in Year 1 8
Working hard again in Year 1 9

Busy again in Year 1

Busy again in Year 1 1
Busy again in Year 1 2
Busy again in Year 1 3
Busy again in Year 1 4
Busy again in Year 1 5

This week year 1 have been working extra hard! In English the children were reading free verse poems about the weather and answering questions about the poem. The children then created their own poem!

In RE, we did a little experiment with our prayers to God. We wrote our thank you prayer on a star and folded it up. We then put the folded stars in water for our prayers to be opened.






Always busy in Year 1

Always busy in Year 1 1
Always busy in Year 1 2
Always busy in Year 1 3
Always busy in Year 1 4
Always busy in Year 1 5
Always busy in Year 1 6
Always busy in Year 1 7
Always busy in Year 1 8
Always busy in Year 1 9
This week the children have been working really hard. They have enjoyed practising their 5 times tables. They wrote the 5s and 10s times tables on poster paper for the classroom.

Working hard in year 1

Working hard in year 1 1
Working hard in year 1 2

Year 1 have been really busy this week…


Year 1 really enjoyed watching year 5’s assembly. Year 1 said…

“I liked the songs”

“I enjoyed it all”


This week year 1 have also started their topic and looked at the royal family. The children really enjoyed this lesson, they said…

“It is really interesting”

“I like it because they have the same name as me!”


The children have also been really busy in Science – matching seasons and Maths – subtracting numbers.


Keep up the good work year 1!

Our work this week

Our work this week 1
Our work this week 2
Our work this week 3
Our work this week 4
Our work this week 5

Year one have settled back into school beautifully. We have been very busy this week, writing about our Christmas holidays and starting our new topic. The children have used the big map in KS1 area to find England, London and Bedworth. We are all excited to work really hard and learn lots this term!

our exciting work in year 1

our exciting work in year 1 1
our exciting work in year 1 2

Christmas hat making

Christmas hat making 1
Christmas hat making 2
Christmas hat making 3
Christmas hat making 4
Christmas hat making 5
Christmas hat making 6
Christmas hat making 7
Christmas hat making 8

Herbert Art Gallery

Herbert Art Gallery 1
Herbert Art Gallery 2
Herbert Art Gallery 3
Herbert Art Gallery 4
Herbert Art Gallery 5
Herbert Art Gallery 6
Herbert Art Gallery 7
Herbert Art Gallery 8
Herbert Art Gallery 9
Herbert Art Gallery 10
Herbert Art Gallery 11
Herbert Art Gallery 12
Herbert Art Gallery 13
Herbert Art Gallery 14
Herbert Art Gallery 15
Herbert Art Gallery 16
Herbert Art Gallery 17
Herbert Art Gallery 18
Herbert Art Gallery 19
Herbert Art Gallery 20
Herbert Art Gallery 21
Herbert Art Gallery 22
Herbert Art Gallery 23
Herbert Art Gallery 24
Herbert Art Gallery 25
Herbert Art Gallery 26
Herbert Art Gallery 27
Herbert Art Gallery 28
Herbert Art Gallery 29
Herbert Art Gallery 30
Herbert Art Gallery 31
Herbert Art Gallery 32
Herbert Art Gallery 33
Herbert Art Gallery 34
Herbert Art Gallery 35
Herbert Art Gallery 36
Herbert Art Gallery 37
Herbert Art Gallery 38
Herbert Art Gallery 39
Herbert Art Gallery 40
Herbert Art Gallery 41
Herbert Art Gallery 42
Herbert Art Gallery 43
Herbert Art Gallery 44
Herbert Art Gallery 45
Herbert Art Gallery 46
Herbert Art Gallery 47
Herbert Art Gallery 48
Herbert Art Gallery 49
Herbert Art Gallery 50
Herbert Art Gallery 51
Herbert Art Gallery 52
Herbert Art Gallery 53
Herbert Art Gallery 54
Herbert Art Gallery 55
Herbert Art Gallery 56
Herbert Art Gallery 57
Herbert Art Gallery 58

Anti bullying week

Anti bullying week 1
Anti bullying week 2
Anti bullying week 3
Anti bullying week 4

In2culture day and robots

In2culture day and robots 1
In2culture day and robots 2
In2culture day and robots 3
In2culture day and robots 4
In2culture day and robots 5
In2culture day and robots 6
In2culture day and robots 7
In2culture day and robots 8
In2culture day and robots 9
In2culture day and robots 10
In2culture day and robots 11
In2culture day and robots 12
In2culture day and robots 13
In2culture day and robots 14
In2culture day and robots 15
In2culture day and robots 16
In2culture day and robots 17
In2culture day and robots 18
In2culture day and robots 19
In2culture day and robots 20
In2culture day and robots 21
In2culture day and robots 22
In2culture day and robots 23
In2culture day and robots 24
In2culture day and robots 25
In2culture day and robots 26
In2culture day and robots 27

The beginning of Year 1 2017

Year 1 have settled in very well to their new classroom and moving up to Key Stage 1!

In the first few weeks of term, we have been getting used to the Key Stage 1 environment, new routines, and we have been learning lots of new exciting things!

We have been learning how to keep safe on the internet and how we can keep safe in school.

We had a music retreat day with Dan Callow, where we learnt new songs and dance moves! We had a lovely class meditation, followed by a colour by numbers activity.

On one world day we learnt lots about Hinduism, learned new vocabulary and had an afternoon of a variety of art activities.


We have been reading in our new reading area, ordering and matching numbers, becoming more familiar with Nursery rhymes and stories in English and we have even started our new topic on our local area; Bedworth.


It has been a very busy and exciting few weeks in Year 1 and we have lots more to look forward to!


In year 1, we have been looking at plants. The children have been labelling flowering plants and trees. The children enjoyed going outside onto the playground to observe and investigate the trees. We also did some bark rubbing and sketched trees.


Science 1
Science 2
Science 3
Science 4
Science 5
Science 6
Science 7

St Francis of Assisi Feast Day

The children have enjoyed learning about Saint Francis of Assisi. The children loved the school visitor from Zoolab and were able to see a variety of animals, even a tarantula! We had a big class discussion on how we can look after all the animals and Year 1 has worked really hard to make their own animals out of clay for our class zoo!

St Francis feast day

St Francis feast day 1
St Francis feast day 2
St Francis feast day 3
St Francis feast day 4
St Francis feast day 5
St Francis feast day 6
St Francis feast day 7
St Francis feast day 8
St Francis feast day 9
St Francis feast day 10
St Francis feast day 11
St Francis feast day 12
St Francis feast day 13
St Francis feast day 14
St Francis feast day 15
St Francis feast day 16
St Francis feast day 17
St Francis feast day 18
St Francis feast day 19
St Francis feast day 20
St Francis feast day 21
St Francis feast day 22
St Francis feast day 23
St Francis feast day 24
St Francis feast day 25
St Francis feast day 26
St Francis feast day 27

Fire talk

Fire talk 1
Fire talk 2
Fire talk 3
Fire talk 4
Fire talk 5
Fire talk 6
Fire talk 7
Fire talk 8
Fire talk 9


This week year 1 used the Bee-bots. We helped each other switch it on and programme the programme the Bee-bot to enable it to move. As a class we came up with instructions for us the follow and took it in turns to use these instructions to see where the Bee-bot would end up.


Computing 1
Computing 2
Computing 3
Computing 4
Computing 5
Computing 6
Computing 7
Computing 8
Computing 9
Computing 10
Computing 11