St Francis Catholic Academy

With grace
and humility,
glorify the Lord by your Life

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Welcome to St Francis Catholic Academy

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and we expect all staff to share this commitment

Welcome to St Francis Catholic Academy

Executive Principal Charlotte Culleton

St Francis Catholic Academy is at the heart of the parishes of St Francis of Assisi Bedworth and Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Bulkington. It is a privilege to be part of the parish and to be Principal of our school. Our school is underpinned by the values Compassion, Humility, Respect, Integrity, Service and Truth. Each child in our school is an individual and Staff are committed to ensuring children can grow to their full potential and fulfil their individual vocations in life. Safeguarding systems are robust and ensure the children in our school are well cared for and supported at times of need.

Sinead Smith, Senior Executive Principal

Senior Executive Principal Sinead Smith

As a Catholic MAC, we unashamedly proclaim our faith and we guide children to have a deep and fulfilling relationship with Jesus. The prayer life of our schools is incredibly important and children regularly participate in collective worship, both within school and by attending Mass at St. Francis Catholic Church. We enjoy strong links with the wider parish community and so when a child becomes a member of the school community at St. Francis, they also become a member of the parish family.

On behalf of the Holy Spirit MAC, I extend a very warm welcome to you.

St. Francis Catholic Academy is a thriving, faith filled community in which children are nurtured and supported to fulfill their God-given potential. One of the most distinctive features of St. Francis is how calm the school is. Children’s behaviour is outstanding and they show great respect towards both staff and their peers. Mrs Culleton, Mrs Sedgeley and the team create a climate which allows children to become confident, independent learners who are curious about the world and who understand how they can make the world a better place.

Staff at St. Francis expect the best from children and as a result, children achieve excellent academic standards. However, they also benefit from a creative range of learning opportunities which support them to develop new interests, along with developing their own unique skills and talents. Children at St. Francis are proud of their school and all it offers them and they are proud to be an important part of the community in Bedworth.

St. Francis is a member of the Holy Spirit MAC. As a family of schools, we work together to consistently improve the quality of education for every child in our schools. Staff and children at St. Francis benefit from high quality collaboration with colleagues and peers from other schools and this enables us to be continually outward facing and striving for improvement. The children in each of our schools know they not only belong to the school community but they also enjoy being part of our Holy Spirit MAC family.

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

‘with grace and humility,
glorify the Lord by your Life

Academic excellence - providing outstanding teaching and learning, rigorous monitoring, a varied and adaptable curriculum with a variety of experiences for all the young people in our care.

We seek to continue the work that has been handed on to us by previous generations and to make Catholic Education a beacon of excellence, not just by catechesis and the delivery of a curriculum, but by the formation of disciples following Jesus in His way of Love.

Our ValuesTo be One. To be Holy.
To be Catholic. To be Apostolic.

To be One. To be One that we work towards greater unity.

To be Holy. To be Holy that every aspect of our lives is dedicated to God.

To be Catholic. To be Catholic that in our religious life and in our closeness to Jesus, we work towards being more deeply Catholic.

To be Apostolic. To be Apostolic that in our citizenship and stewardship within schools, we work towards being centres of evangelisation, proclaiming JESUS IS LORD!

Our Aims

‘with grace and humility,
glorify the Lord by your Life'