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Dan Callow Retreat Day

Retreat day with Dan Callow & Emily Clark. 

On Wednesday we held our beginning of the school year retreat day and once again the fantastic Dan Callow and the lovely Emily led us in songs and prayers. The theme of the day was ‘We go out’ and the children reflected on being a disciple of Jesus. The Archbishop even ‘Facetimed’ the children! Once again the children were a credit to both the school and their families – well done children


A message from Archbishop Bernard

žDear Ms Culleton

I was delighted to receive, via your office, the very kind an interesting email from the Year Six class representatives.   It was lovely to hear about the whole school retreat day and I am pleased to know that my appearance on the screen was a good surprise for everybody.

žPlease thank Preston and Chanel for writing on behalf of Year Six to tell me how hard the children are all trying to show Jesus’ love in the world around us.  I hope that the school year has begun very well for everybody at St Francis School in Bedworth.  I will certainly keep you all in my prayers and I wish you every blessing.

Yours sincerely in Christ


 +Bernard Longley Archbishop of Birmingham


Our letter to the Archbishop


žSent: 13 September 2016 14:52
žTo: Reception <>
žSubject: We will go out retrat day
žDear Archbishop Bernard,
žWe were so lucky last week!
žDan Callow and Emily Clarke came to our school and we had a whole school retreat day. The theme this year was 'We Will go out with Joy'. We prayed together and thought about how to go out in the world being true disciples. The day was amazing - one of the best bits was when you Face timed us!!! We have never been Face timed in assembly before. Everyone in our hall sat up very straight to listen to you , we hope you could see us clearly.
žPlease be assured that we are trying hard to show Jesus' love in the world around us.T hank - you very much for taking the time to be with us , we appreciate that you must be very busy. It was so good to interact with you. Please do feel free to Facetime or to visit our school at any time.
žThank – you  We hope to hear form you soon
žPreston and  Chanel
žYear Six class representatives