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Holy Spirit MAC



Our Mission

Academic excellence - providing outstanding teaching and learning, rigorous monitoring, a varied and adaptable curriculum with a variety of experiences for all the young people in our care.
We seek to continue the work that has been handed on to us by previous generations and to make Catholic Education a beacon of excellence, not just by catechesis and the delivery of a curriculum, but by the formation of disciples following Jesus in His way of Love.

Our Aims

To be One. To be Holy. To be Catholic. To be Apostolic.

To be One.
To be One that we work towards greater unity.
To be Holy
To be Holy that every aspect of our lives is dedicated to God
To be Catholic
To be Catholic that in our religious life and in our closeness to Jesus, we work towards being more deeply Catholic.
To be Apostolic
To be Apostolic that in our citizenship and stewardship within schools, we work towards being centres of evangelisation, proclaiming JESUS IS LORD!

The Holy Spirit Experience

In September 2018 the Holy Spirit Experience was launched, detailing the opportunities and experiences that will be available to each and every pupil in the Holy Spirit MAC from the ages of 3 to 18.
The Holy Spirit Experience reflects current educational context but, crucially, it is also based on the concept of a seamless transition at the age of eleven.  We are extremely fortunate that nearly every child from Year 6 in our four MAC primary schools transfers to St Thomas More for their secondary education.  That has allowed the senior staff from all our schools to work on the basis that a child at three will enter one of our nurseries and begin a fifteen-year journey culminating in leaving Year 13 as a young man or woman ready to take their place in the adult world.
The Format of the Holy Spirit Experience
We have chosen to focus on  five key areas of school life as follows:
  • Catholic Life
  • Charities and Social Action
  • The Residential Experience
  • Sporting Opportunities
  • Cultural and Creative Experiences