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Welcome to Reception

Reception Christmas Angels!

This week Reception children have been learning about Dutch Post-Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gough and his famous painting The Starry Night. They have used different paints and media to re- create their own fantastic versions.

Today we were kind and generous. We made a donation and wore odd socks for the day. We learnt about Children in Need and the charity work they do. We talked about our feelings and the feeling of others less fortunate. We enjoyed designing odd socks and colouring Pudsey pictures. Thankyou everyone for your kind donations

Diwali This week we are celebrating Diwali. We heard the story of Rama and Sita. We learnt it is the festival of light and Hindus celebrate it with joy. During this festival, people light up their houses and shops. We have been investigating and exploring the enhanced provision to find out about the traditions of Diwali. The children have been active learners creating Rangoli patterns with shapes, manipulating clay, listening to tales about Rama and Sit and tasting Diwali fruits at snack time.

Reception class enjoyed visiting the Remembrance Podium in preparation for Remembrance Day. They learnt about the history of Bedworth as a coal mining town and observed some historical landmarks around Bedworth.

Thank you to John Bourton for visiting Reception today to talk about Bedworth past and present. Children recognised many of the present landmarks and enjoyed hearing about the history of Bedworth town.

Enjoying Inflatable day at St Francis

Trampoline day

This week is Anti-bullying week. We have learnt how we can live as God's family. Our school values teach us how to be like Jesus and how we should treat ourselves and others.

November-A month to remember

We are busy being curious and active.

Welcome to all new Reception children to our St Francis family and your first year in school. We are looking forward to learning new things together and having lots of fun on the way. We will also begin our journey of faith as we are welcomed into the family of St Francis Church and Parish. Well done Reception-an amazing start!

Mrs. Norton's Welcome to Reception Class