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St Francis School guinea pigs

Molly and Jess are our friendly school guinea pigs. Our guinea pigs love hiding in the fresh clean hay as well as eating it!! Molly is shy, fun and she loves eating fruit and veggies but they both especially love cucumber!

Jess is not as shy as Molly and enjoys coming out of their wooden house to see everyone. She loves her food a bit more than Molly! When Jess and Molly first arrived, they were both very shy but quickly settled In. They can be heard singing when they hear the sound of a rustling fruit/salad bag.

We encourage children at our school to bring in fruit ,veg and newspaper for them to enjoy their cuddly home. We have seven trained guinea pig monitors who look after our friendly guinea pigs. They can be a hard work but it is worth it in the end. Everyday we make sure they have food, water, hay, clean bedding and plenty of cuddles!

Mrs Haywood is the leader of the guinea pig team and the monitors are Phoebe, Tamlyn, Kayle, Chioma year 5

Emma, Freddy and Jasmine Year 6

Written by Phoebe Jones and Tamlyn Olney!


Our Guinea pig team

Molly & Jess had a friend for a sleepover her name was Sooty


We have been so lucky; we have got two new pets. They are Molly and Jess, two beautiful fluffy guinea pigs. Molly’s colour is like a bumble bee black with yellow stripes, Jess is white with soft ginger fur. We feel very excited now we have got them and look forward to getting them used to their new home.

At our school we will give them a comfy home and help them get used to our school environment. Their personalities are extremely shy and vulnerable, they don’t really like loud noises - so please be quiet when you pass them. We will give them the good care they deserve and a fun habitat for them to live in.

We have some sensible monitors to look after and care for these new pets. Our monitors are: Jasmine, Alfie, Freddy, Demi-Leigh, Ryan and Karyss. These monitors will care for them from half eight in the morning and quarter to three in the afternoon. We feed them carrots and we will try and train them to come in and out of their cage when we call them. We will make sure these guinea-pigs will have a spectacular time at our school.