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Year 3

Year 3 Home Learning Grid Spring 2

Festive time in Year 3

Year 3 making their Christmas decorations.

Year 3's Class Mass

Year 3 using bibles in R.E to understand the meaning of words of 'The Hail Mary'.

Year 3 enjoying drone day, the children had to learn how to do coding so the drones could perform different operations.

Year 3 learning hard and using a Thesaurus

Year 3's trip to Bedworth Alms House

St Francis feast day

Researching Bedworth on the IPads

Year 3 enjoying singing

Learning hard in Year 3

PE is always fun in Year 3

This week is Anti-bullying week. We have learnt how we can live as God's family. Our school values teach us how to be like Jesus and how we should treat ourselves and others.