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Year 5

We have started a new topic called Music Through Time. We researched different genres of music from 4000 BC up until the present day. We discussed and recorded how the different genres made us feel.

Year 5 enjoyed celebrating the end of term by making Christmas cards, Christmas decorations and eating a Christmas dinner.

We worked in groups and acted out one part of The Trojan War. The parts were: the Greeks arriving for battle; men hiding inside a wooden horse whilst the Greeks pretended to sail away; the Trojans bringing the horse up to the gates; the Greeks climbing out at night and letting the army in and the final battle. See if you can match the photo to the part!

In Year 5 we investigated water resistance. We also painted our detailed canal boat art.

We were scientists again this week and investigated air resistance.

In Year 5, we have been using newton meters and scales to identify the weight and mass of an object. We also used drama to meet characters who had visited the emporium.

We were invited to take part in The Bedworth Armistice Parade. This year The Countess of Wessex was there and we even got to see her.

We took a walk up to the Peace Podium. Unfortunately the scaffolding was there at the time but we still managed to take some lovely photos.

Year 5 enjoying drone day, the children had to learn how to do coding so the drones could perform different operations.

We started One World Week with a visit from John Burton. He shared lots of information about employment in Bedworth. We also celebrated diversity in our class. Lots of children shared information about the countries they are from and even brought in food for us to try!

We have been geographers this week and used four and six figure grid references to locate places on an ordnance survey map.

We had a lovely day celebrating the Feast Day of St. Francis. We sketched and painted a picture of St. Francis surrounded by animals and we watched the wood carver carve a heron into a trunk.

We worked in groups and organised the shape of a balanced argument.

'Year 5 discussed and compared facts about the planets of the solar system.'

'Year 5 looked at Bedworth and the surrounding areas on a map.'

'Year 5 enjoyed discussing International Peace Day. We listened to some peaceful music and reflected on the meaning of peace.

Enjoying learning in Year 5